High-quality food products play a significant role in the life of each of us.

In particular, speaking about meat products. To make ration balanced — it must include animal proteins. They are the building blocks for our muscles and bones. The main benefit of meat in that it is required supplier of not only proteins, fats and carbohydrates, but also a group of amino acids, minerals and vitamins. For example, chicken meat contains vitamins B and vitamins A and Е. There is little fat and no carbs in it, so chicken is often included to diet. It provides the body with energy with fewer calories. In addition, this product promotes allocation of more digestive juices.

Our farm is the largest supplier of meat wholesale and retail.

In our range of meat products there is chilled meat, namely chicken, pork, beef, turkey. At all stages of development, our company adopted the technology and relied on the experience of foreign companies. Their production have long been at a very high level. Inside the farm there is perfect purity that in wintertime is simply astounding. Allmeat for sale is fresh and is hammered in the evening or at night. Being able to combine the forgotten traditions and recipes with new technologies, the company has grown from a small massacre at the largest player, dictates the new trends in the manufacture of meat and dairy products all over the world market.

In the vertically integrated structure group of companies «Antonio Farm» include enterprises that provide closed production cycle from building objects to the production and sale of meat products.We try to be the best in all aspects A wide range. In sale there are always following meats: pork, veal, beef, poultry, rabbit, chicken and even products for dogs. You can order everything you need from the catalog or make an individual order.High quality of products. We sell exclusively fresh meat. The company daily prepares as many products to implement it for the day. No blanks of meat beforehand!