Our veal

beef and chicken meat can be fried in the frying pan, simmered with vegetables, marinated for barbecues.

High quality of products

we sell exclusively fresh meat. The company daily prepares as many products to implement it for the day!

Our meat is always

the freshest and most delicious. This is confirmed by a multitude of tests and certificates. We guarantee quality!

 Tenderloin, carbonate

entrecote, goulash or soup, brisket, shank or ready bacon - it is your choice for every day!


It is an excellent source of protein and amino acids, with small content of calories.

Fresh chicken thighs are suitable for virtually all culinary masterpieces

Such meat is suitable for making salads. In addition to salads.

Chicken fillet. This meat is suitable for all kinds of thermal treatments.



Beef neck

Stew with spices or strong broth for soup is the basis of a delicious wholesome lunch or dinner.

Beef tenderloin

Internal lumbar muscle along its entire length with the adjacent connective tissue and a layer of fat is the tenderloin.

Beef ribs

Very tasty dishes you can cook of beef ribs. Especially succeed stews with sauces and various marinates.

Beef butt

Beef butt is cooked with spices and willingly eaten as a snack, awakening the appetite.

In our range of meat products there is chilled meat, namely chicken, pork, beef, turkey.

You can order everything you need from the catalog or make an individual order.

Our meat is always the freshest. This is confirmed by a multitude of tests and certificates.